rc factory flash epp

rc factory flash epp

PostAuthor: tony » Mon May 27, 2013 4:29 pm

hi just thought id tell you about my flash as rammy was asking about slow flying this is my 3d put it anywhere in the sky plane
it climbs vertical at about half throttle and it will gose fast but is happy but is just as happy floating around it will take off out of your hand are a 4 foot runway and can land at your feet are if your good you can pluck it out of the sky with your hands
i love this plane its my go to plane it flys from hover 0 mph to 30 mph which is fast for a 3d plane
heres my plane

i used this kit and theres a few 1 meter kits to chouse from
http://robotbirds.com/catalog/product_i ... ts_id=6589
and this motor ..put a 10 x 5 prop on it for half throtle vertical ...and a 9x5 prop for end of throtle vertical
http://robotbirds.com/catalog/product_i ... ts_id=6141
i use a basic 30 amp esc and 3 digy servos and 1 digy metal geared servo for tail
and i used turnigy nanotech 1300mah 3 s batterys

only mod i did was cut a hole in the middle of fuse for battery to sit in and add a ice cream lid inbertween the landing gear and the plane to help spreed the load

this is my go to plane flys nice and slow supper slow has hugh throws for all kinds of 3d but if you want you can use your tx to taim it right down

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