just back from flying my new toys

just back from flying my new toys

PostAuthor: tony » Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:41 pm

here my new toy a little f-16 edf if flew nice out of the box but the role rate was really slow no fun at all in fact first time I rolled it coming out of a stall turn I slammed it in to the floor here's the video


so I fixed it and added aileron and now it spins like a dart and is a lot more fun had 5 batteries thought it today and wow is it fun

also I dragged the mx2 out of the attic and thought I have a couple of batteries in her fly are die sort of thing and noticed I've been flying it with a sports prop
whipped that off quick and put a slow fly prop on it and wow it prop hangs now I was having a blast today its funny how changing a prop can make the plane fly loads better

then I got my big edf out and it is fast fun flew nicely and did 2 of my best landings sweet happy days :)

then I got out my trex 450 pro beastx put 2 batteries in her and the tail kicked ..still 2 nice flights but it was windy today
all in all I had a great couple of hours ripping the air up nice day today total worth going out ..

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Re: just back from flying my new toys

PostAuthor: gash » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:30 pm

So i guess the polystyrene glue came in handy...

Nice vid, just did a quick edit to embed it for you.

Always good to watch your vids whether its carnage or not, keep up the flying m8
"he who dies with the most toys still dies"


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