CAA Meeting Update

CAA Meeting Update

PostAuthor: gash » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:02 pm

CAA Meeting Update: FPV exemption extended to 3.5kg AUW and 1000ft Max Altitude from March 2014

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Today’s meeting of FPV UK, BMFA, SAA, LMA, BARCS and the CAA went very well.

The General Exemption for FPV flying will be further extended from 1.8kg fixed wing/ 2.5kg rotorcraft to 3.5kg for all aircraft. Furthermore the maximum altitude will be extended from 400ft to 1000ft.

This was a great example of FPV UK, BMFA and the CAA working together.

Happy Flying!

Simon Dale
Chairman, FPV UK Association
"he who dies with the most toys still dies"


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